How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (2023)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022

  • Rank (4.5/5)
  • Reviews: 526
  • License: Trial version
  • Downloads: 14.4K
  • Version: CC
  • Compatible: Win / Mac
  • Premiere Elements 2022: Win / Mac

Still don’t know how to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free without downloading a pirated version? Want to install this best program for video editing without a $21 per month subscription? In this article, I will tell you about how to use Adobe Premiere free as well as why you should stop downloading torrent files.

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (2)

Free Adobe Premiere Pro Benefits:

  • Many organizational tools
  • Responsive speed
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Unlimited multi-cam angles
  • Better help for the 360-degree video
  • Simple to use


  • Will this Premiere Pro CC Free Trial edit videos both on macOS and Windows?

Yes, it is.


  • How much does Premiere Pro subscription cost?

The price is $20.99/month. The second subscription option is Adobe Cloud All Apps, which costs $52.99/month. This set includes Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022, After Effects, as well as a collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps.


  • How to convert Premiere Pro free version to a paid membership?

As usual, users receive a notification that it is necessary to buy a full version of the program after the trial period expires. However, you can also order a paid subscription on the official Adobe website.

  • May I download Premiere Pro Free Trial version this year if I have already used this program for free last year?

Yes. Users from Germany receive a 14-day trial period.

  • Where can I find Premiere Pro lessons?

Watch videos on YouTube. If you want to read the specialized literature on the use of Premiere free version, go to the official Adobe user guide.


  • Read my Adobe Premiere Pro review.

Another Way to Use Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Co. has long been developing a line of simplified versions of their creative programs which they call Elements. They have only the most frequently used functions and a simple interface so all beginners or those who simply do not need the wide functions of their programs can use their products without problems.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022

  • Rank: (2.5/5)
  • Reviews: 54
  • License: Trial
  • Downloads: 2.8K
  • Version: 2022
  • Compatible: Win / Mac

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (4)

Adobe Elements Pros:

  • Clear, simple interface
  • Lots of video effects
  • Powerful Audio editing
  • Good control over stabilization
  • 4K support

Premiere Elements software contains the most essential Premiere Pro elements necessary for basic video editing and color grading. It is fully optimized for amateurs and its system requirements are not as Premiere Pro CC has. Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 is perfect for people who want to make home movies to share with friends, but who don’t have much video editing experience.

Insecurities of Using Pirated Premiere Pro Version

Do not trust bloggers who are talking about the “absolutely legal” free Adobe Premiere Pro version in their videos, which can be got by downloading the program on strange sites.

(Video) Adobe Premiere Pro Free Download - Adobe Premiere Pro Crack - License Version - Tutorial 2022

  • What happens if I download a cracked software?

Downloading pirate software entails liability for copyright infringement. The penalty is usually about $1,500. In addition, the official distributor may refuse to work with a computer on which pirate software was installed.


  • What will make me stop using cracked softwares?

The first reason is malicious code and viruses which are transmitted through sites that distribute unlicensed softwares. Downloading illegal softwares, you run the risk of infecting your PC with keyloggers, password theft programs, and algorithm defects.

  • What should I avoid when buying a software?

Online auctions often resell previously used and activated softwares. You should also pay attention to new sites that sell everything.

  • What are the benefits of a licensed software?

You will not be left alone with the problem if something happens to your computer. A license software provides the possibility to update the program continuously and avoid failures.


  • Where can I buy license softwares?

It is better to buy a software only on the official Adobe website or Adobe partners.

5 Premiere Pro Free Alternatives

There is a misconception that in order to be a professional videographer, you need to pay for your software. Otherwise, you will not go further than Windows Movie Maker. I want to dissuade you because you can get a really professional software in a legal way and absolutely free. There are a lot of Premiere Pro analogs that will perform tasks at the same level without additional payments.

1. DaVinci Resolve 16

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (5) USE DAVINCI RESOLVE FREE


  • Its video and audio synchronization ability
  • Simple and impressive interface
  • Brilliant color grading feature
  • Users can apply multi cam options creatively


  • It demands high performance computers
  • Doesn’t provide any dynamic link to After Effects platform

DaVinci Resolve Lite 11 is Adobe Premiere free analog. It is a simplified version of the paid video editor DaVinci Resolve. The app is focused on the professional color correction of video clips, but you can edit any type of video with its help. This is the professional editor and you will immediately notice this both in the quality of the interface and in its functionality.

DaVinci Resolve Lite does not include many video filters, as it is primarily a color corrector, but OpenFX support solves this problem. You can download and install additional video filters. NewBlueFX or Red Giant filters may be suitable for this program. As a result, you will be able to expand the functionality according to your requirements.

  • Read more about the best video editing software.

2. Nuke

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (6) USE NUKE FREE


  • Excellent interface
  • Full set of basic compositing functions
  • High-grade 3D system
  • Good learning tools


  • No Mac OS X 10.5 support
  • Limited plug-in options
  • Poor motion-graphics tools

If you are wondering how to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free, I advise you to consider using this free alternative. Nuke is a professional video editor of the highest class, which was used to create such movies as Avatar, King Kong, I, Robot, Tron, and The Hobbit. The software can be used for personal and educational purposes for free.

The program interface does not look like ordinary video editors. Videos are located not on the timeline, but on the graph here.

(Video) Adobe Premiere Pro Crack FREE II Cracked Premiere Pro CC 2022 II November Full Version

The vertices of the graph are connected, thereby creating the final movie. It is worth noting that the program requires a powerful computer. Nuke includes a large number of filters for post-processing, transition, 3D and transformation effects. Each of the effect parameters can be added to several keyframes. Nuke is a powerful video editor, which may seem too complicated for novice users, but it is definitely suitable for experienced video editors.

3. ShotCut

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (7) USE SHOTCUT FREE


  • Open source
  • Modular user interface makes managing your workflow easy
  • Powerful filters
  • Wide range of export and import formats supported


  • Official tutorials and documentation are a little anemic
  • Lacks a lot of the flashy transitions and effects other software offers

Shotcut is an open source free video editor. It will help create a film using many recorded videos. In addition, the application supports a large number of video and audio filters. For example, you can correct white balance, make color correction, or overlay text defined by HTML markup. Shotcut supports many formats thanks to the use of FFMpeg.

This is a pretty good free video editor with fairly diverse functionality. You may create a small film with its help. Another advantage is that developers are constantly improving the program and correcting flaws. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 alternatives.

  • Check out more about Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere.

4. OpenShot

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (8) USE OPENSHOT FREE


  • User frinedly interface
  • Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Unlimited tracks / layers


  • 3D animation generating feature is not a built-in feature
  • Problems with Ubuntu 9.10

OpenShot is another open source free video editor. It was developed for Linux, but there are options for Windows and Mac OS X available today. The video editor has a simple interface, including a preview window, a timeline and a list of imported files. OpenShot supports a large number of video formats (it uses FFmpeg). In addition, the video editor includes effects and transients, as well as utilities for creating 3D text and animation.

  • View more about how to get Adobe After Effects for free and use it for creating unusual visual graphics.

5. Splice

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (9) USE SPLICE FREE


  • It’s very simple to use.
  • The app has an extensive audio library
  • There are a few different transitions to choose from.
  • You can upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram


  • It is not available for Android.
  • Some music is under copyright

Splice is a good free video editor for iOS. It allows you to create a movie using files from your gallery very quickly. The app has a good collection of musical files that can be used in your video. It is also possible to download music from iTunes.

(Video) Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro with Master Trainer Valentina Vee

Splice supports such functions as video cropping, video filters, scene transitions, adding captions and recording audio comments. Splice has a pretty simple interface. Moreover, you can share the final video on social networks or save it to the gallery.

  • View more free video editing softwares.

Free Video Editing LUTs

If you’re a beginning videographer, when it comes to video editing, color grading can be one of the most challenging elements. Download the following packs of LUTs LUTs for creating and saving color grades, which can be used or applied to your projects.

Free LUTs for Weddings

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (10) How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (11)

Download Free LUTS

They're warm, pastel, matte, colorful and contrasty. Start editing your wedding videos with these beautiful LUTs for free.

Free Orange & Teal LUTs

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (12) How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (13)

This pack consists of gentle warmer color presets for your films. Make your footage more cinematic with these free color grading tools.

Free LUTs for Adding Contrast

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (14) How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (15)

(Video) HOW TO GET ADOBE PREMIERE PRO FOR FREE IN 2022! Best Free Premiere Pro Alternatives

Download Free LUTS

Download these professional video editing LUTs. This is a very quick way in color grading your videos and shorts clips for Instagram as well.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro Free

How to Get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free (16)

Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements Trial version is your only way to get this professional video editing software absolutely free. I understand that you would like to get something more than the opportunity to use Premiere for 7 days, but this is all that Adobe can offer you without having to pay and violating law.


Can you use Adobe Premiere without paying? ›

The only way to get Premiere Pro video editor for free is to visit the official Adobe website and download a 7-day free trial.

Can students get Adobe Premiere Pro for free? ›

Is Premiere Pro free for students? Students can try Premiere Pro with a free 7-day trial of the Creative Cloud All Apps plan. It comes with over 20 apps, including Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Illustrator, plus 100GB of cloud storage.

How do I download Premiere Pro on my laptop for free? ›

Save up to 70% on Creative Cloud.
Here's how to get a 7-day free trial of Premiere Pro.
  1. Click the Start Free Trial button.
  2. Sign in or set up your Adobe ID and download your free trial.
  3. After your 7-day free trial ends, your Creative Cloud membership will continue, unless cancelled before free trial ends.

Is Premiere Pro free for laptop? ›

Premiere Pro is part of Creative Cloud apps, and you can start using the program with a monthly subscription. There's also a free trial period to test the interface, features, and functionalities.

What is a free version of Premiere Pro? ›

A free version called Avid Media Composer First gives you everything that the main version offers but with some notable limitations. There are only four video tracks, five bins, and six audio tracks, plus you can't export 4K footage (but you can import 4K footage).

How much does Premiere Pro cost forever? ›

How much does Premiere Pro cost? Premiere Pro costs US$20.99/mo for individuals and US$35.99/mo per license for teams. Premiere Pro is also included in the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, along with 20+ more creative apps like Photoshop and After Effects.

How much is premiere a year? ›

Adobe Premiere's most popular plan is $20.99/month for an annual plan. Users can also prepay annually for $239.88/year or month-to-month for $31.49/month. On any plan, editors get access to updates for no additional cost.

Is Adobe Premier Pro worth it? ›

There's no denying that Premiere Pro can do everything the professional video editor needs, and Adobe's pro video editing software takes the lead when it comes to collaboration features. Its close integration with After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, and the whole Creative Cloud suite is a definite boon, too.

Is Adobe video editing free? ›

Wherever you are, from your phone to your computer, you can shoot, edit, and share high-quality videos. Fun, intuitive, and as fast as social media, it's the easiest way to star in your followers' feeds. Download the Premiere Rush app for free on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Can you pirate Premiere Pro? ›

It's illegal: Simple. Downloading and using pirated software is totally illegal, and depending on the site you live on, legal charges can be brought against you.

Which Adobe product is free? ›

Top 10 Absolutely FREE Adobe Software & Apps
  • Adobe Photoshop for iPad - With a sensor interface.
  • Photoshop Express - For basic color correction.
  • Photoshop Mix - For basic image retouching.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express - Graphic design tools for beginners.
  • Lightroom Mobile CC - Advanced tool for color correction.

Is Premiere better than Photoshop? ›

Photoshop is a good choice if you've already edited your videos and only want to make a few final touches. But if you're looking for something to use for the entire process, Premiere Pro is a much better option. Premiere Pro allows you to make all kinds of changes to your videos.

How do I get lifetime Premiere Pro? ›

Is There A Lifetime Subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro? Unfortunately there is not, and I definitely understand the desire to have that as an option.

How do I avoid paying Adobe subscription? ›

You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Adobe Account page or by contacting Customer Support. If you cancel during your trial period, you will not be charged. If you cancel within 14 days of the start of your paid subscription, you'll be fully refunded.

Does Adobe have lifetime subscription? ›

Adobe does not sell lifetime subscriptions to its software. Be sure to only purchase Adobe software from their official website or authorized resellers. For now, the best option for those who want to use Photoshop long-term is to sign up for the Creative Cloud subscription.

Is Premiere Pro better than Final Cut? ›

Adobe Premiere Pro vs.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro offer first-class editing tools for beginners and professionals, either at home or in the studio. Many professionals favor Adobe Premier Pro. It's a gold standard for the industry. It comes chockfull of pro-level tools and features.

Which is better Premiere Pro or CC? ›

If we tell you the better option of premiere pro-2020 vs. premiere pro cc, adobe premiere pro gives you a better feel and easy-to-use access. If you want to learn everything about the online professional video editing process. It is used for editing videos, commercials, and other films, television, and online video.

Do you need a good computer to run Premiere Pro? ›

Editing and creating using Premiere Pro requires a computer with four key components: a very fast processor, enough RAM memory, a large amount of fast storage, and an adequate video processor. If you are looking to use a laptop computer for Premiere Pro, most low-cost notebooks or laptops simply are not sufficient.

What editor do Tiktokers use? ›

What is the best editing app for TikTok?
  • ViaMaker.
  • BeeCut.
  • Zoomerang.
  • Quik.
  • InShot.
  • Funimate.
  • Lomotif.
  • Magisto.
6 Jun 2022

Why does adobe cost so much money? ›

Adobe software is expensive because it tries to offset its losses since Adobe software programs are frequently pirated. Plus, Adobe is regarded as the best brand for software programs. More people are willing to pay for Adobe software because it is industry-standard software, so Adobe software is expensive.

Is Adobe worth paying? ›

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Worth It? There's a case to be made that it's more expensive to pay for a subscription long-term, rather than paying for a single, permanent software license. However, the consistent updates, cloud services, and access to new features make Adobe Creative Cloud a fantastic value.

Can I use Adobe without subscription? ›

You are correct. Everything is based on a subscription to Creative Cloud -- either a single-product (title) like Illustrator, or access to the entire range of Adobe tools. You can get a free account which does give you some tools (and thousands of fonts), but the primary applications require a subscription.

What happens if you don't pay for Adobe? ›

Your subscription may be suspended if your payment isn't received within 30 days after the payment due date. While your account is suspended, you won't have access to your products and services. Adobe may make multiple attempts to charge your payment method(s) for the payment amount owed.

Is Adobe no longer free? ›

No. Acrobat Reader is a free, stand-alone application that you can use to open, view, sign, print, annotate, search, and share PDF files.

Are any Adobe products free? ›

Easily view and manage Photoshop PSD, Camera RAW, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD, Adobe XD, Acrobat PDF, Flash SWF, and many other types of files and documents, all without paid programs. (Yes, it's actually free!)

Why is Adobe charging me every month? ›

Why is there a charge on my bill? Unexpected charges are often because of: Trial conversion You forgot to cancel a trial product, and it converted to a paid subscription. Annual renewal An annual plan automatically renewed.

Is Adobe a one time fee? ›

You can pay monthly or annualy . Perpetual licenses are still available only for Lightroom 6 ,Acrobat pro and Photoshop/Premiere Elements .

Will I lose my files if I cancel my Adobe subscription? ›

What happens to my existing files? You can continue to access your Creative Cloud files on your computer and the Creative Cloud website, subject to a 2-GB cloud storage limit. If you're over the 2-GB cloud storage limit when you cancel, you have 30 days to move files out of cloud storage.

Is it better to pay monthly or yearly Adobe? ›

If you need the software for six months or less, then getting a Monthly plan (month-to-month but cancel at any time) works out better. If you need the software for more than six months, then getting an Annual plan (12-month commitment) is better, even if you cancel in the second half.

How do I bypass Adobe early termination fee? ›

Avoiding the Early Termination Fee with Adobe
  1. Start the cancellation process for your current license.
  2. When offered a discount or to switch to another plan, choose the cheapest new plan (for me it was photography)
  3. Once your membership is updated, start the cancellation process again immediately.
16 Jul 2020


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