How to jump rope? types of jump rope (2023)

How to jump rope? types of jump rope (1)Jumping rope is a very complete exercise, as well as fun. By doing it, we strengthen the shoulders, core and lower body. In addition, it is a very beneficial practice at the cardiovascular level and helps us improve the balance and coordination.

If you are not used to jumping rope, it may seem a bit monotonous or boring. But the truth is that there are many variations of jumps that you can learn and include in your routine. Before starting to jump, remember to warm up your body well and prepare your joints, especially knees and ankles, to face the jumps without risk of injury.

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  • 1 types of jump rope
    • 1.1 inverted jump
    • 1.2 Jogging with the skipping rope!
    • 1.3 cross jump rope
    • 1.4 twist of hips
    • 1.5 From side to side
    • 1.6 Double jumps
    • 1.7 jumping jack
    • 1.8 with one leg
    • 1.9 heel jumps
    • 1.10 Jump rope with raised knees
  • 2 Jump rope choreography

types of jump rope

Although at school we have always done the same type of simple jump, the truth is that you can do as many variations as you want. It is best to start with simpler steps to master the rope and avoid whipping ourselves.

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inverted jump

In the usual jump rope, the rope is placed behind the heels and we spin it over the head, jumping as it approaches the front of the feet. The inverted jump is performed the other way. The rope is placed next to the balls of your feet and rotates over your head to the back. You have to jump when the rope approaches your heels.

At first it's hard to get used to and we may tend to shrug our shoulders. It is recommended to be conscious with the movement to avoid creating tension in the upper body. In addition, it is excellent for improving coordination.

Jogging with the skipping rope!

The trot jump, alternating both legs, is quite well known. In addition to being an excellent "fat burner", it is quite simple and you will notice the intensity of the work. If you want to increase the difficulty, try to raise the knee of the leg you are jumping with as much as possible. If you do it regularly, you will notice how your resistance improves.

In addition, the heart rate will increase and you will be increasing performance thanks to the joint movement of the arms. This jumping exercise will get your heart rate up fast and give you the ability to do some really effective fat burning workouts.

How to jump rope? types of jump rope (2)

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cross jump rope

Alternate the basic jump, with the crossed one. Is about cross forearms forming a small space through which you must sneak to jump without tripping over the rope. Although it is a bit more complex, it just takes practice. You can perform three basic jumps and one crossover. We recommend practicing the movement slowly and in isolation.

Don't try to fit it into your regular routine, as you'll get frustrated before your time and you won't want to pick it up again. This jump rope trick takes a bit more time and patience to master, but once you get it you'll be able to target your upper body muscles more effectively in your workouts.

twist of hips

It is very simple but very effective for the abdominal area. You must perform the basic jump, rotating the hips to the left and right, alternately, in each jump. Practice it and increase the speed of the jump. When you master it you will love to see the agility with which you execute them.
You can first try to do it without the rope, and as you gain confidence you will grab the rope to finish mastering the jumps.

From side to side

They're basic jumps, but instead of ending the jumps at the same point, he switches back and forth. Establish two imaginary points on the ground to finish the jump that force you to move. If you're jumping on a tile floor, you'll be able to control it even better. If you can't use the sand in a park to make lines to guide you.

It not only looks stylish, but also gives us the opportunity to actively rest during training. When used with heavy ropes, lateral jumps can also offer an upper body workout. It's a great exercise to add variety to workouts and is what we'll want to work on once we get the hang of some of the other exercises.

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How to jump rope? types of jump rope (3)

Double jumps

A whole classic! The rope must pass twice under your feet. The trick is, above all, in the game of the wrist. Don't get discouraged if you don't get it right the first time. Double unders take a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of them, you'll have them down.
As you well know, it is a classic CrossFit and boxing exercise, but you can incorporate it into your regular routine to improve coordination and increase fat burning.

This is a challenging, high-intensity exercise that can really take your strength or cardio workouts to the next level. But the double jump takes time and patience to master. It can also be done low, although it is a very advanced and explosive jump rope exercise that we don't recommend trying until you feel very confident with the standard double jump. However, it is a great exercise to build power, strength, and stamina.

jumping jack

Do a few basic jumps, and when you feel ready start to fall advancing one of the legs. You must advance the left leg and the right, alternately. In this video We show you how to do it in a simple way. It is very similar to the classic jump, only that the footprint of the foot is displaced.

with one leg

It seems simple, but it has its difficulties. Do a few hops landing on one foot, then switch sides. Be careful when landing on one foot, since you want to be a beginner, your ankle may not be very strong and you may suffer an injury. It is best to get the joints used to this exercise, before introducing the rope in training.
You can perform hopping to adapt your feet to the stress of movement and impact on the ground.

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How to jump rope? types of jump rope (4)

heel jumps

Also known as the boxers jump, the heel jump is an easy trick to learn. Without using the rope, start jumping on the spot. Make your jumps small and light. As you land, lift the toes of your left foot so that your heel touches the ground when your right foot lands. On your next jump, reverse foot position so that your right heel hits the ground as your left foot lands. Continue alternating until you feel comfortable with this heel-to-toe action. When you're ready, insert your jump rope. Don't worry if you get stuck with your feet at first. Stop, position your feet, and try again.

Jump rope with raised knees

This next progression is a step from heel to toe. Start jumping rope and establish a good heel-to-toe movement. Then, instead of landing on your heels, bend your knee and lift your leg so that your thigh is parallel to the ground. Make sure you keep your body upright. If this exercise is difficult for you, try doing a two-footed hop, then lift your left knee, another XNUMX-footed hop, then lift your right knee. Raising your knees while jumping rope increases your heart rate significantly.

Jump rope choreography

These are just a few of the many types of jump ropes out there. It is a very intense exercise also at the level of and motivation. As you gain the style and technique of the jump, you will become more excited about learning new variations.

Once you've mastered a few jump types, merge them together. For example, you can mix the "jump with one leg" with the "from side to side"; or combine them all in a high intensity choreography and repeat it as many times as you want.



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